Our Mission:
We will be the best provider of financial solutions that help students achieve their dreams.

Click here for a narrated overview of the student loan marketplace and the services we deliver. (6 minutes)

Click below for more about the solutions that together form the FM Business Model.

Program Design & Marketing (8 minutes)
We work with banks and other lenders to design loan programs which will meet their specific investment and marketing goals. click here
Application Support & Customer Services (8 minutes)
We provide information, answer questions and assist students and their families through the loan application process. click here
Loan Origination & Disbursement (6 minutes)
We provide back-office support for our clients, including end-to-end loan processing, customer support and disbursement services. click here
Securitization & Servicing (9 minutes)
We enable our clients to achieve a timely return on their investments, by managing the securitization of these guaranteed assets. click here

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