Understanding Our Business

We value your commitment to First Marblehead!

First Marblehead is an education finance institution.  We are committed to your learning and development.  We firmly believe that learning is a process rather than an event.  During your employment here, you are encouraged to participate in a number of online and classroom training sessions to further your development in your current position and your career.

ePath is the website we use to create and deliver online learning programs to employees of First Marblehead and our business partners.  Although some of the titles may have been created for a specific business unit or to meet a particular learning objective, most of the content on ePath is available to all employees of First Marblehead. 

We encourage you to review the Course Catalog (90 sec. demo) on a regular basis and utilize the information available to you.  If you are unfamiliar with ePath, please review the Introduction to ePath Learning.

Sometimes it is far more effective to present content in an interactive classroom setting.  Our employees are encouraged to attend any classroom sessions that will help them develop in their jobs.  If a class does not have any sessions scheduled, please feel free to contact Learning & Development and we will work to customize a session for you.  If you are a supervisor of individuals, please also check out Management Learning.

Course List below (click Click for detail for detail)

Classroom Sessions Online Learning (some of the courses available via ePath Course Catalog)
  • Life of the Borrower Click for detail

  • Loan Processing topics Click for detail
    • Capstone Click for detail
    • Document Review
    • ALE
    • Missing Information

All employees with access to private customer information are also required to complete compliance training.

These courses (Click for detail) are delivered online, and will vary depending on your specific assignment and responsiblities. Check with Corporate Compliance to determine the requirement for your team.

New Horizons Learning Center Tuition Reimbursement

Not all the training you need to do your job is unique to First Marblehead.  For general business and software application training, we offer a discounted tuition program to New Horizons Learning Centers. 

To take advantage of this program:

  1. Go to www.nhboston.com for detailed course descriptions/schedules and choose the class, location and dates you would like to attend.

  2. Complete and submit this form (click here).

  3. When submitting the form, copy your manager for approval.

We are pleased to announce that First Marblehead has increased the annual reimbursement limit on the Tuition Reimbursement Program. Effective immediately, the annual tuition reimbursement amount will increase to $5,250 and the per course maximum will increase to $1,312.50.

Eligibility Requirements