The New

Welcome to First Marblehead!

As a new employee it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed as there is a lot of information to absorb.  We are here to assist you on your journey.  It is important to us that you understand what First Marblehead does and how your role contributes to the “big picture.”  Our goal is to affirm your decision to work with us and to help you be successful.

First Marblehead is an education finance institution.  We are committed to your learning and development.  We firmly believe that learning is a process rather than an event.  In your first six months of employment, you will be invited to participate in a number of online and classroom training sessions. (Click here to learn about the Online Learning Center.) 

The chart below will let you know what to expect during your first six months of employment.

(click Click for detail for detail)

On Day One Within First Two Weeks Within First Six Months
  • HR Presentation Click for detail

  • Facilities Tour Click for detail

  • Meet with your manager

  • Your Workspace Click for detail
  • Benefits Overview Click for detail

  • FMC 101 (Online Learning)
    Insider Trading Policy
    Information Security Policy

  • FMC 102 (Online Learning)
    Student Loan Marketplace
    Business Model Overview
  • Lunch with Jack Kopnisky, CEO Click for detail

  • Code of Conduct Click for detail
    (classroom & confirmation)

  • Life of the Loan (classroom) Click for detail

All employees with access to private customer information are also required to complete compliance training.
These courses (Click for detail) are delivered online, and will vary depending on your specific assignment and responsiblities.
Check with your supervisor to determine the requirement for your job.

Click here for additional requirements for supervisors and managers.